New Beginnings


We are fortunate enough to be the very first interns into this new program, having done 3 months at GVI before being placed here with Anton and Harriot to take part in work experience. They were kind enough to come and pick us up from our previous accommodation 9 hours away and drive us to our new accommodation at
Umkhumbi Lodge. Continue reading “New Beginnings”

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Shishi Update


After his first attempt it was try two for Shishi verse the big bad world, this time we change the plan slightly we decided that for the first night we should feed him before we released him and not place food on the hatch so as not to attract unwanted attention form the wild Bush babies. His first two night of freedom went quite will and we didn’t really see him, this was a good sign and we started to get our hopes up. However, the next night we found him on the car outside the house, not quite where you want to find a bush baby. As hard as we tried we could get him to head back to the trees in fact he headed under the car and into the wheel arch. This is when we decided that it wasn’t safe for him on the Lodge grounds as there was far too many cars and he seemed to have no fear of being on the floor with the dogs. So unfortunately we were back at square one with a Shishi back in his cage for his own safety. Continue reading “Shishi Update”

Time for a New Start

After an amazing three months working alongside Anton and Harriot it is time for us to say goodbye. We have had some amazing experiences and crossed some big hurdles along the way. We have managed to achieve so much with getting the big aviary built which now stands there proud on the Conservancy, it is a shame that we didn’t quite get to see it used but we are sure that Kludd and Igor our Spotted Eagle Owls will be using it soon. It has been wonderful to take part in the releases of some of South Africa’s beautiful wildlife and to see them all thrive in the wild.  As well as to care for the animals that are in the process of being rewilded it has been a great joy to see our long term resident Shishi the Thick Tailed Bush baby finally released and doing well all be it still finding comfort in his log that he has called home for so long. Continue reading “Time for a New Start”

Mongoose Release and Recapture

IMG_1400[1]After the successful release of the Mongoose family we hadn’t seen them for a week or so and assumed they had made themselves at home in the bush. Little did we know that one of them was terrorising the residents on the conservancy. We were called out one day to pick up one of our mongoose nicknamed Stubby due to his small tail. When we arrived at the house we found Stubby on the veranda eating the dogs food, now came the task of having to catch him. This proved to be easier than we thought it would be and after about five minutes we manage to corner him and grab him at which point we popped him in a box and moved and released him on the other side of the conservancy where he was first released.  Continue reading “Mongoose Release and Recapture”

Project One Complete!

After a great deal of hard work and some fun along the way our first big project of building the bird enclosure is finished and is awaiting its first house guests. It presented some massive challenges such as how to get a roof on an enclosure when your working at least 4 meters in the air, and just the level of physical work that it took to put up all the poles and wire meshing. While it took a long time to complete the reward of seeing it standing there in all it glory knowing that its our hard work that put it there. Now we are just waiting for the day when Kludd and Igor will be ready to move there, so we can see all our had work being put to use.

New Addition to the Family

While our new animal clinic isn’t quite finished we have welcomed our very first residents in the form of two juvenile Spotted Eagle Owls. There came to us after being taken from their nest and played with and hit by some children, unfortunately this resulted in one of them having to have their right eye removed. Due to their young age the vet is hopeful that a full recovery will be made and  they will be able to be released and thrive in the wild.

We would like to introduce Kludd and Igor we gave them their names when they first arrived. Little did we know that Igor already had a name after spending a few days at the vets where they named him Albert. As much as we loved this name Igor had already stuck with us all here.

Meet Kludd our hansom boy and the quite one of the two.



Meet Igor our feisty and always hungry little fella.


Keep checking back to see the progress and hopefully the successful release of the boys.

Time to Meet the Big Bad World

IMG_1459[1]After a few weeks of training Shishi our resident bush baby to have a fear of the dogs as well as training the dogs that he is not food in the hopes that he stood a chance in the wild. It was finally time to open the hatch and allow him the chance of a wild existence. We set up two cameras in the hopes of catching the big moment that he took his first steps into the big world, on the first night we placed his food on the open hatch to entice him to explore outside. After looking at the footage it was clear that he needed no encouragement and made his way up into the trees very quickly after we opened the hatch, we also witnessed a large number of wild bush babies around the hatch making the most of the fruit platter we had put out for Shishi. Continue reading “Time to Meet the Big Bad World”

Time for a well deserved break

IMG_1287[1]One month in, the Albizia interns have just come back from part one of their well-deserved break in Kosi Bay. Since the interns have been with us we have managed to achieve all our goals set so far, we have had some great experiences and unfortunately on a sad note one of our interns had to leave us on short notice due to personal issues back home. Even after having to say goodbye to a wonderful friend and team mate, the team have held strong and kept going to complete all their tasks. Continue reading “Time for a well deserved break”

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