Best of our Camera Trap Project April-May

The interns here at Albizia have set up camera traps in different places around the conservancy to document the different species we have. Here are a few of our Best photos from the footage we have collected.

hjkl;Leopard taking a casual stroll at sunset.

I__00004 (2)Hippopotamus out for a midnight snack

I__00005Aardvark – one of the Secret Seven

I__00006 (3)A porcupine world’s largest rodent

I__00007 (2)2A hyena – Our rarest member of the ugly five even though they are the cutest

I__000062Leopard – Our only big 5 member taking a selfie

I__000512Vervet Monkey – Mug Shot

I_00007bMale Nyala – Posing Mid-day

I_00013a (2)Wildebeest – Another Member of the Ugly Five out for an after Lunch walk

I_00024eMale Impala – Fighting over who get the girls

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